Onekin Research Group

Onekin is a research group mainly focused on the study of Portal/Portlet engineering issues. Our group is localized at the University of the Basque Country

Research Issues:

  • Portal/Portlet Engineering
  • Web Application Engineering
  • Software Product Line Development (SPL)
  • Document Engineering
  • Semantic Web Engineering
  • Component Based development (CBSE)
  • XML applications
  • Active databases

Onekin Image

1 year 1 week ago Onekin news : Refactoring Affordances in Corporate Wikis: A Case for the Use of Mind Maps at http://t.co/37isSD47U0 #fb
1 year 8 weeks ago Onekin news : Integrating Microblogging into Domain Specific Language Editors accepted at SCA'13 at http://t.co/g22XmkkpO1 #fb
1 year 10 weeks ago [es] Onekin news : Gorka Puente gana la edición 2013 de Yuzz Álava at http://t.co/pDWMJEKMV0 #fb
1 year 13 weeks ago Descargate mi nuevo Sticklet #sticklet http://t.co/MMxMoOwtPe
1 year 14 weeks ago Can anyone help me to obtain the XPath that gets the SYMBOL out of the page http://t.co/7JXr3kBlPp. Please, before Jun 14th, 2013
1 year 14 weeks ago Dear fellows, any website for news of a given corporation. Please, before Jun 14th, 2013


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